“You a legend in the makin’ too” – Will Smith in ‘Will’ Remix

Will Remix ft Will Smith Cover download humans of influence

I wouldn’t be Willie, I couldn’t be me if there wasn’t no Eddie / I wouldn’t be Will if I wasn’t from Philly

This has become a conflagration — 2:45 minutes of blazing street-level poetry that the world has gathered to watch. You have to see the comments on YouTube to fully connect.

But what’s more catchy is that this started as a Joyner Lucas tribute to Will Smith, 51, who has now jumped on a remix of the song to pay tribute to his own biggest inspirations.

Like I was inspired by Nelson Mandela, I give him a rose for every endeavoUr / And shoutout to Julius Erving, one of the legends I worship

Martin Lawrence get a rose too / He a Legend and GOAT too

Isn’t it brilliant to recognise that you’re Legend 😜? And beyond that, isn’t it extraordinary to show those coming behind that your legend happened only because you had forerunner legends you looked up to?

Joyner Lucas wasn’t made to lose / You a legend in the makin’ too

And, you know how it goes, it could get pretty difficult to build your own road, an unbeaten path.

Even when the streets call me corny I still ain’t ever let the hate break me / I just wanted the respect first, I still ain’t ever letting fame change me (Yeah)

So, thanks for seeing me as your inspiration. That’s pretty cool because I was also inspired by some of the greats. Because of this, you’re on the right path — Will is saying by way of my interpretation.

And finally…

Brick by brick, buildin’ a wall that no one could break / Flip by flip, glad I could help so you could be straight / And life’s a trip, but who could relate? / The legends are gone but it ain’t too late / To give ’em a rose and carry the grace / ‘Cause not every hero is wearin’ a cape (Will)

I don’t like this song. I love this song. Who knew the world needed this right now?

Here are some links to the song: DOWNLOAD

The original Will is off ADHD, the debut album, released in March, by American rapper Joyner Lucas. ADHD has 18 tracks, including 4 skits.